Walking Communist City Tour of Sofia

Get inside the main landmarks of communist history in the city of Sofia: with our tour you have the chance to visit the former headquarters of the Bulgarian Communist Party, the place of the destroyed mausoleum, the Monument of the Soviet army, The National Palace of Culture. During this special city tour, you learn about the theory of communism, what Marxism-Leninism is, the history of communism in Bulgaria, the pros and cons of the period and the relation between the communist government and religion, industry, economy, culture and everyday life of the people.

Visit the Museum of Socialist Art, which exhibits some 77 sculptures, 60 paintings and 25 smaller plastic art works created between 1945 and 1989 by the most renowned sculptors and painters of the time.


This tour will give you another point of view, will make you travel in time and see how the life was like during the Communism in Bulgaria. You will find out how the heirs of the former Communist Bulgarian Leader live nowadays.