Together we can travel with better care for our planet. We can travel without harming natural and cultural environments. We can safeguard nature, we can combat climate change with common efforts…… And we can protect the places we love.

We share below some travel tips for sustainable travel:

1. Protect and show respect to nature
2. Travel plastic-free, separate plastic waste for recycling.
3. Reduce food waste, try dishes with locally produced ingredients, ask for  vegetarian dishes
4. Reduce the CO2 emissions of the holiday
5. Use less cars and planes
6. Support and promote local initiatives and businesses
7. Limit energy use and conserve water

What you can do:

  • Think about the transport you chose: Planes use a lot of fuel for just reaching the necessary altitude and descending. Specialists say that the shorter distance you fly, the less efficient it is. So, please consider whether you can use other means of transport for shorter distances. Trains – no matter whether they are electric or diesel-powered emit the lowest levels of greenhouse gases and pollutants. When you rent a car, traveling sustainable will mean to chose a new model, even electric car if possible, and chose a small vehicle. Consider bike or walking tours.   Here you can compare and calculate the CO2 emissions of the flights – Google uses the European Environmental Agency (EEA) emission estimates and their algorithmic model, comparing more than 300 air companies: 
  • Support and promote local initiatives, choose small-scale accommodations, which employ locals and serve fresh organic produce, try local restaurants, buy souvenirs that are made at the destination and undertake activities that are organized by local entrepreneurs. Avoid chain stores that are likely to sell imported goods. When you go shopping, skip the packaging, wrapping, buy organic.
  • When at a destination, try vegetarian or vegan, which is definitely an  environmentally friendly choice. Among the more sustainable choices can be chicken and fish. seafood dishes. Specialists say, that meat and dairy have a big impact on climate change, and the livestock accounts fir more than 14 % of the world’s greenhouse gases. On the other side, when supporting the local farmers, do not question eating local dishes, incl. meat.
  • Reduce the plastic you use – environmentally friendly items can lessen the trace you leave behind, incl. bottles, straws, cosmetics, toothbrushes, etc.
  • Respect the local population, their traditions and lifestyle. Respect the nature, avoid activities that involve interaction with animals. 

Did you know?                                    

Travelling plastic free in Bulgaria should be rather easy. Tap water is potable practically everywhere in the country, but it might taste different. You can also try mineral springs, scattered all over the country in 225 locations. In villages you can find public fountains where people can refill their bottles.

Bulgaria is proud that in the EU statistics, it ranks 3rd after Slovenia and the Czech republic for the percentage of the recycled plastic, and is more than 10% above the EU average. Calculations show that one ton of recycled plastic saves electricity for a Bulgarian household for two years.

Since 2017, more than 87% of the waste in the cities is recycled and recovered, and separate collection systems ( plastic, paper, glass, metal ) cover 6.4 million inhabitants in 183 municipalities.

We are sure you will be glad to help us keeping this level high! You can find many bins for separate waste in the locations you will visit, and in your hotel room you can sort out the plastic/ paper garbage for the housekeeping, cleaning your room. Thank you!  

What we, at Across Europe do:

  • We select our local partners based on their commitment to responsible tourism
  • We take additional trainings and education related to sustainable tourism management and health & safety issues, we are involved in external forums and working groups with other tour operators
  • We have a company policy, which aims for a reduction of the negative social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts of our activities.
  • We aim to communicate sustainability questions and practices to our partners and clients
  • In 2021 we signed the Tourism Declares Climate Emergency, promising to reduce our CO2 emissions
  • We only offer people- and animal-friendly excursions, we organize an increasing number of trips that go off the beaten track. We inform travelers about local customs and risks.
  • We encourage our tourists to reduce the plastic footprint. From 2022, we will be giving each visitor who comes to spend more than 7 days in Bulgaria a reusable water bottle as a gift.

For questions and remarks related to our sustainability/ CSR policies, please contact Sirma or Maya at [email protected]